We help to connect music and people.

Our team consists of a rare breed of digital natives and experienced music professionals from around the world. Our combined expertise is in delivering effective strategies using a combination of analytical and creative skills.

Our Approach

At Circulate we understand the role that new media plays in today’s digital world. We bring artists and brands into this world through relevant social conversation and careful strategic planning. We pride ourselves on fostering a connection with our clients that enables us to create a clearly defined online strategy that delivers relevant, interesting and shareable content. We combine this with a careful selection of the most innovative new media portals to create an all-encompassing strategy.

Our Methodology

We’ve absorbed valuable insights from the advertising industry, communication methodologies, exclusive tools and research helping us to better understand what people expect from music brands like artists, record labels, clubs and festivals. This enables us to create more effective strategies, build more consistent media plans and achieve successful results in a highly competitive environment.